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Cream Cheese Buttercream

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Yield: enough to fill and ice and 8 inch cake

What do you need....

3 lbs cream cheese

2 lbs unsalted butter

1 lb powdered sugar

1 tablespoon Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean paste (or vanilla extract)

How to make it....

  1. Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature before mixing.

  2. Cream the cream cheese in a stand mixer with a paddle until smooth (medium speed for a couple minutes).

  3. Add butter and mix until incorporated.

  4. Add vanilla and sugar and blend on low speed until incorporated.

  5. Switch the attachment to a whip. Whip on high until light and fluffy.

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Oct 29, 2021

Woah, this seems like a LOT of icing for an 8 in cake... At least one that's only got two layers to it... Am I wrong?? Do I really need 3 lbs of cream cheese and 2 lbs of butter for your run-of-the-mill birthday cake??

Deneen Montaño
Deneen Montaño
Mar 04, 2023
Replying to

I've made this recipe according to the directions for an 8" round cake with 4 layers. It makes sooooo much icing!!! It's also very thin and not suitable to ice a cake with sharp corners. After adding about 3 lbs of powdered sugar to the recipe it was thick enough to ice just like American buttercream and tastes amazing. I will use the recipe again but I will double the sugar and half all remained ingredients.

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